Bonnie Norris - professional musician, singer, music instructor, & baker.


Hi, I’m Bonnie.  You might wonder where the name Double Stop Bake Shop comes from.  If you’re a musician, you may already know.  Double stop:  playing two notes at once on a violin, fiddle, or bowed instrument.

I grew up in a household filled with good food and music.  The two go together like hot bread and butter.  I have memories of late night jam sessions with music notes flying, the smell of something tasty baking in the oven, and a line of family and friends gathered around our kitchen table.  They always came back for a second plate.  Music and baking: both an art form, a form of self expression, and above all, both are made with love. 

Double Stop Bake Shop is an online recipe box filled with sweet and savory favorites of mine, from luscious layer cakes to chewy mall style pretzels.  You’ll find special recipes from over 100 years ago, some family favorites, and new spins on old standbys.  Recipes and videos will be added weekly, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates.

Napa Valley, CA

Check out the article in The Huffington Post from our performance at the Robert Mondavi Winery Summer Concert Series in Napa Valley, CA, titled “Music and Sweets: A Perfect Combo for a Late Night Bakery”.  

Click on the video for one of my all time favorite fiddle tunes, Sally Goodin’.  Its loaded with double stops!  

Fiddle: Bonnie Norris, Guitar: my brother, Nick Norris, Bass: Bach Norwood, Drums: Rob Avsharian

Online Lessons:

Please contact me if you’re interested in learning music online for Violin, Fiddle, Voice, Viola, Guitar, or Ukulele.

I began baking pies at age 7
Homegrown sweet potatoes for pies
Decorating a bunny cake with my brother, Nick
Bake Sale - The Early Days
Decorating Cookies
Placing roses on a wedding cake
I've always loved cake!
Setting up a wedding cake table



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